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Overall Rating
" VERY GOOD"  on 22-Jan-2018
"The Whole process from booking to journeys end was exemplary"  on 30-Dec-2017
"Let customers rate the service with stars without having to submit a comment. I love your service but wont rate it normally due to this comment box"  on 07-Dec-2017
"Driver phoned me not long after train arrived at New St station and I said which exit that we had come out of and he said to stay where we were and he came around to pick us up. He waited at hotel whilst I dropped our bags off and then took us down to Edgbaston. I was very impressed with service, politeness of driver and cleanliness of taxi"  on 07-Sep-2017
"."  on 07-Sep-2017

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Testimonials Average rating is 4.3/5 based on 206 reviews

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KIERAN BILLINGSLEY  on 22-Jan-2018 Verified Rider " VERY GOOD"
JOHN SPRAY  on 30-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "The Whole process from booking to journeys end was exemplary"
GIORGIA PELLONI  on 29-Dec-2017 General Feedback "I have booked one taxi at 1pm going to Birmingham International and just 5 minutes before the operator called me to let me know while was Friday the driver was praying he could not come so I lost my tain! "
CHRIS PLANT  on 07-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Let customers rate the service with stars without having to submit a comment. I love your service but wont rate it normally due to this comment box"
GUY BAETEN  on 01-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Generally no issues.. Good Service"
CLARE EVANS  on 30-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "I was very pleased overall, however, the bus on the return was absolutely freezing, there were drafts coming from everywhere! Also was not impressed that I was charged £5 to amend a tiny mistake with the booking. "
ISOLDE HUBER  on 17-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Journey to LLandrindod Wells: The driver did contact me the previous day and made sure he knew how to find his passengers. His passengers described his way of driving as reckless, much too quick on a road with many bends so that stops were necessary because some passengers were feeling unwell. All of them were scared of the journey back. Journey back to Birmingham Airport: The driver called me the previous day to inform me he had broken his foot, but would send a replacement driver. The latter arrived on time. The taxi broke down somewhere near Worcester. The AA had to be called and fortunately took two of the 6 passengers along to Birmingham Airport. After about 3 hours' wait another taxi came to pick up the remaining 4 passengers who made it to the Airport just in time for their 6pm flight. This was really for the better because I have no idea who would have paid for other flights had they not made it. The whole experience was very stressful for all of us. I would have appreciated a way of getting information about maybe three different offers with information about the companies so that I could have made a decision."
IAN COX  on 07-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Driver phoned me not long after train arrived at New St station and I said which exit that we had come out of and he said to stay where we were and he came around to pick us up. He waited at hotel whilst I dropped our bags off and then took us down to Edgbaston. I was very impressed with service, politeness of driver and cleanliness of taxi"
MARTYN RANSOM  on 07-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "."
ABIGAIL VENTER  on 05-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Was a very lovely polite driver. He drove carefully and was very courteous asking about the windows, music. On time for both journeys and kept up to date via mobile. Will use again :)"
J NICHOLLS  on 05-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "We wouldn't use anyone else"
SOPHIA BATES  on 24-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "We booked and paid extra for a mercedes viano as there were 6 of us. A toyota car turned up. 2 seats in boot, we all squeezed in and by the time we arrived home we couldnt feel our legs. Awful! Would appreciate some money back."
GEMMA BRITT  on 11-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Our drive dom was a perfect gentleman and very flexible with our pick up time and place. He made the 1 hour journey very enjoyable "
NEAL CLEWLOW  on 04-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "on time and pleasant journey"
RENAUD DECROIX  on 30-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "very good, we liked the prepaid"
HARLEIGH SWAINE  on 26-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Driver was absolutely lovely! Called me to confirm and was very friendly and reassuring. I was nervous being in a new city on my own late at night but he was so kind and lovely. Thank you!"
ROBERT BIRD  on 28-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "Not on time bit otherwise fine"
JESSICA RADEMAKER  on 06-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "Ride was fast, super easy to book and the driver was absolutely wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. "
HANNE SINDING  on 11-Mar-2017 Verified Rider "To save people (in this case me) from grief, make a note of Cancellation fee on you cancellation withdrawals!!"
BEN DUNN  on 11-Feb-2017 Verified Rider "Arrived on time and took us straight to where we were going, which is all you can really ask for from a taxi"
GALE MUMMERY  on 26-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Wonderful experience the driver called me as soon as I cleared the airport and picked me up very quickly even though I was earlier than I thought "
ALBERTO CASTRO SANCHEZ  on 16-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Muy contento con el transporte. Reservamos el traslado del centro de Birminghan al aeropuerto. Un mini bus para 10 personas. El chófer puntual y servicial. Sin duda volveré a reservar "
ALLAN RENNIE  on 07-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Good service"
ELIZABETH CLOVER  on 07-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Lots of update texts which were helpful, one saying the make and colour of taxi. Driver was lovely too! Very happy with all aspects of the service. "
FLORENCE BEST  on 03-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Very friendly and helpful driver, no complaints at all. Would happily recommend this service and use again!"
CHRIS SHAW  on 26-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Driver on time and no problems getting home. Only issue is the credit.card fee which I didn't see until after paying."
JOHN SPRAY  on 26-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "I booked this journey for family to visit their mother/grandmother on Christmas Day. The driver was early, very courteous and they arrived in good time. The return journey was equally of excellent quality and I will not hesitate to use your facility in future. Thank you for a hassle free experience."
ADRIAN DESPA  on 25-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "It was ok"
MELANIE WARWICK  on 19-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Arrived right on time; took us straight to the venue with a friendly, cheerful attitude. Could not have been happier with the service and only added to the wonderful day we had already had"
MARWA BENKHADER  on 13-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Perfect."
JILL CROSSLAND  on 13-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "all good"
HANS POST  on 08-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Trouble to find each other at the airport; took a route straight through the city (Coventry); not the most efficient route. Not sure if he knew where he was going. Thanks to TomTom, we got there."
AARON MARSH  on 03-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Great service, extermly nice drive, should have given him a tip, sorry. Will look to use again. Many thanks"
BARTOSZ ALKSNIN  on 02-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Amazing"
LIV DOYLE  on 11-Nov-2016 General Feedback "Just to say that you are the most reliable taxi service I have ever used. You helped my daughter get to Newman university safely at a time of crisis and definitely went the extra mile for us. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done today. Definitely will recommend you to friends and family. Thank you again xx"
NATASCHA VAN DER BREGGEN  on 08-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "The flight arrived early but the driver was there early as well. It was later in the evening and the driver picked up really well that a conversation was not needed but just a bit of music was enough. It was a really relaxed trip. "
SILVIA RATTIGHIERI  on 06-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Good service "
MARK COCKRAM  on 06-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Very good "
ZEESHAN ASGHAR  on 05-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Good Service"
PETER WOLFIK  on 04-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Driver found his way through heavy traffic on Friday afternoon from Malvern to Birmingham airport, we reached at a short time. Great experience, and excellent driving "
STEPHANIE BRODIE  on 03-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Spot on"
PAUL HOLNESS  on 01-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Happy with the service.Will use again"
CARRYL SORENE  on 07-Oct-2016 General Feedback "Realising I booked the wrong time, I called the number given only to be told they don't go there, they're not you at all, but you happily didn't bother to mention that before taking a booking. Having registered an account, I try to log in to cancel the booking as I've got to wait for the right person in that company to actually be there, only to find your site doesn't recognise me. Be clear before taking people's money that you're not actually the local company you advertise."
NO COMMENT  on 01-Oct-2016 General Feedback "Plaza cars taxi driver turned off my phone after I left it in the cab minutes before reporting it to the main office which was NO help and kept my phone! Theifs! "
GEORGIAN NASTASE  on 24-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "A good price!"
NAFISA SALIK  on 11-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "Service was good. Very prompt. Though my booking was on Monday 5 September not Tuesday 6 September 2016. I am concerned I may be charged twice. Thank you. "
JOHN WISHART  on 08-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "Taxi code made organising travel in an unfamiliar area easy"
DIANNE  on 16-Aug-2016 General Feedback "I would like to see if a prebooked taxi is a good option to go from the airport to derby uni"
ANCA -MARIA IROFTE  on 16-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "Thank you,very nice journey."
AURELIE GUERIN  on 18-Jul-2016 Verified Rider "Very good. I will used again if necessary. "
MARK JONES  on 26-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "Very good service and on time "
MOBOLUWARIN OWOTURO  on 25-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "Taxi arrived early and very friendly and helpful driver "
SARAH WILLIAMS  on 20-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "Late to arrive and meet me (flight was on time - I waited 15-20 mins in arrivals). However when he arrived the driver was pleasant and the journey was good."
EDWARD JONES  on 13-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "No problems"
NAOMI BROWN  on 07-May-2016 Verified Rider "Amazing and really accommodating. "
GILLIAN BREE  on 26-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "Lovely driver, very pleasant journey."
KATE MAZZOTTA  on 13-Mar-2016 Verified Rider "Driver was on time but the good news stopped there. Didnt know how to get to Stratford Upon Avon, kept asking me how to get there even though I told him multiple times that I had never been to the Midlands. Kept asking for directions even after I gave him the address. I had to check my phone to make sure we were going the right way. The road was closed at one point and my friend and I had to read the GPS to him to go the right way and divert. Overall, he was reliant on us to give directions when the entire point of hiring a taxi was that we couldn't drive and didn't know where to go. Stressful, awful experience-- had the train been an option so late at night, I would have taken that a thousand times over before recommending a taxi. "
RACHAEL  on 28-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "very poor service. taxi never turned up despite the booking being confirmed. called taxi company and they said they would not be picking us up"
PETER FITZPATRICK  on 15-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "This is a great service.The only difficulty I had was with the NEC and the fact that they wouldn't allow the driver in to where I was! Very helpful office and a lovely driver -we found each other eventually -completely reliable and professional service.Driver an absolute gentleman couldn't have been happier"
DAKOTA  on 12-Jan-2016 General Feedback "This website was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I've found something which helped me. Thanks a lot!"
DAKOTA  on 12-Jan-2016 General Feedback "This website was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I've found something which helped me. Thanks a lot!"
DAKOTA  on 12-Jan-2016 General Feedback "This website was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I've found something which helped me. Thanks a lot!"
DAKOTA  on 12-Jan-2016 General Feedback "This website was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I've found something which helped me. Thanks a lot!"
MICAH  on 12-Jan-2016 General Feedback "I am now not certain where you are getting your information, however good topic. I must spend some time learning more or figuring out more. Thanks for excellent info I used to be on the lookout for this information for my mission."
MICAH  on 12-Jan-2016 General Feedback "I am now not certain where you are getting your information, however good topic. I must spend some time learning more or figuring out more. Thanks for excellent info I used to be on the lookout for this information for my mission."
MICAH  on 12-Jan-2016 General Feedback "I am now not certain where you are getting your information, however good topic. I must spend some time learning more or figuring out more. Thanks for excellent info I used to be on the lookout for this information for my mission."
MICAH  on 12-Jan-2016 General Feedback "I am now not certain where you are getting your information, however good topic. I must spend some time learning more or figuring out more. Thanks for excellent info I used to be on the lookout for this information for my mission."
WILLIAM SCANDLAN  on 09-Jan-2016 Verified Rider "The experience we had to endure through Plaza Cabs was quite simply abysmal. I had booked through your service but found on the return email that my travel notes had not been recorded. I called Plaza directly three days before our scheduled arrival to inform them of the time we would be arriving at Birmingham International Airport and believed that we would be contacted by the driver on my mobile at arrival time as I was informed by Plaza cabs. The scheduled time of arrival was 11:40 on January 8th and the plane arrived early and my mobile was available for contact from 11:25. There was no contact from the driver at anytime. I called Plaza Taxi four times from 11:40 until 12: 50. We were told by Plaza at the first call to wait for the driver in the airport departure short term parking lot and we proceeded to that location immediately. We waited outside in 7 degree weather for over an hour for the taxi to arrive. Each time we called Plaza taxi we were told that the driver was entering the airport and would be with us within five minutes. This never happened. We then received a text message from Plaza Taxi stating that the driver had arrived but was unable to locate us. This statement is entirely false. There was no contact or any taxi at the designated location before 12:50 pm. The service you have provided is deplorable. The experience was not only completely miserable but my wife has come down with a cold because we had to wait outside in the cold for the taxi we booked. I would demand that you or Plaza Taxi provide us with some form of compensation or even a full refund as the fault for our experience lies entirely with your service. We have previously used your service without incident, but the experience we have had to endure would be something we would not care to repeat. "
SALLY KEMP  on 06-Jan-2016 Verified Customer "Extremely easy and quick to place a booking. Overall rating 4 star purely because I have yet to see if I am picked up on time, but Great service so far."
DIANA TORTI  on 27-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "The driver was professional and kind. It has been difficult to find him at first at the right place because there was a block in the streets of the city."
ALISON POWELL  on 21-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "On time. Friendly driver."
VIVIAN GUERRIER  on 18-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "Hello, Thank you for the taxi and the driver, I could not wish for better. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Kind regards Vivian Guerrier"
LOK YU NG  on 09-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Good and easy to use with very good pricing"
MATTHEW REED  on 09-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "The taxi did not show up and an important meeting was missed. I hope that the fare has been refunded as promised, as the email I have just received states the journey was completed!"
KATE STEVENTON  on 01-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Very easy to use and cheaper than other providers. Would reccomend"
CATHERINE TORLEY  on 01-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Great Service"
MRS LYNNE DOWNS  on 24-Nov-2015 Verified Rider "Driver was very polite friendly and helpful and look forward to using your company when I visit Birmingham again next year"
CHRIS PLANT  on 21-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "Great service"
SUPRIEYA KUTTY  on 18-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "It was really good. will strongly recommend"
LYNNE DOWNS  on 15-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "Very easy to use, when I emailed and rang regarding a query on the address of pick up point it was answered promptly and friendly."
VIVIAN GUERRIER  on 14-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "Booking was very easy for someone who is not computer friendly."
ROSALIND GROUT  on 10-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "Really easy site to you use. Lots of information provided, would use again."
MARION CARRIER  on 28-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "Great booking system"
THOMAS SLATER  on 20-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "Great guy, but late 15 mins both times and nearly missed my train."
ELLEN RYABOV  on 16-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "Easy process, good price."
YVONNE GOUGH  on 13-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "Disappointed that I had to contact you at 5:15am as we did not get meet and greet that I had paid for and there was no vehicle to meet us. I was left an e mail but I was not at home to receive it. If I hadn't contacted the company then I don't believe a vehicle would have turned up. I would appreciate a refund for meet and greet. I was told that the company had tried to phone me but there was no message on my answer phone. Fortunately the driver was very amiable and we arrived at New St station on time for the train at 6:15am "
THOMAS SLATER  on 12-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "Quick and easy"
JOANNA JONES  on 30-Sep-2015 Verified Customer "Very easy booking system"
DAVIDE ROMANIN JACUR  on 28-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "every thing OK"
GILLIAN MCINNES  on 11-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Needed clearer info on where to find the cab at the station. Driver was unclear of our destination - didn't have the postcode."
ANDY THROWER  on 04-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "5/5 The driver (Ghulam) was prompt, polite and the car was clean with a smooth ride to my destination and return journey. What more could you ask! Brilliant service! "
TIM YATES  on 03-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Believe we have been overcharged at £17:50. We were told by the return cabbie that the maximum charge for a 3 mile journey should be £8!!"
DAVID J WEST  on 01-Aug-2015 Verified Rider ""
PAUL CLOSSICK  on 26-Jul-2015 Verified Customer "One of the worst customer experiences I've ever had. The website says there is a car available, you book it online and then get an email in the middle of the night to tell you your 5AM taxi won't be coming after all. Then your credit Card gets refunded for LESS THAN you made a payment for. So you get charged for NO CAR to turn up. The fact that the car is not guaranteed should be made clearer and the full card fee should be refunded."
JULIE MITCHELL  on 10-Jul-2015 Verified Customer "Wow! Booking with ease from abroad."
KELTOUM ADENUSI  on 29-Jun-2015 Verified Rider "The taxi was late (of note the taxi was late also at the time of our first trip at the time of our arrival), thus he drove very fast to arrive to our destination and the car was not confortable."
KELTOUM ADENUSI  on 23-Jun-2015 Verified Rider "I am a little bit disappointed because despite booking and payment online with the meeting time known in advance the taxi arrived late and it put me late for my appointment."
LIPIKA KAUSHAL  on 18-Jun-2015 Verified Customer "ease of navigation is essential while booking a cab..."
HELEN ROBINSON  on 14-Jun-2015 Verified Customer "My taxi was cancelled last minute by yourselves, completely let down and my bank account debited with the fare! Which hasn't been refunded - now I have the Hassell of getting my money back "
THOMA PYE  on 11-Jun-2015 Verified Rider "The taxi never arrived. I had to call them after they were 10 minutes late at which point they told me they had got a puncture, had no spare tire, and it would gake 40 minutes to get another car to me. I accept that they can't help having a puncture but they should have called me straight away, not wait for me to call them, and they should carry a spare!"
MADELEINE WILSON  on 01-Jun-2015 Verified Rider ""
ESTHER  on 22-May-2015 Verified Customer "I would prefer do the review at the end of the service Thank you"
CAROLINE JOSEPH  on 19-May-2015 Verified Rider "Friendly driver, on time, no issues!"
CLAIRE SMITHAM  on 15-Apr-2015 Verified Rider "Driver was early and happy to wait while our party finished getting ready, no complaints at all and will definately use this service again."
JIM HUNTER  on 11-Apr-2015 Verified Customer "Really easy to book."
YVA-LILY SHAW  on 08-Apr-2015 Verified Rider ""
YVA-LILY SHAW  on 08-Apr-2015 Verified Rider ""
YVA- LILY SHAW  on 08-Apr-2015 Verified Rider ""
ALEXANDRA  on 04-Mar-2015 Verified Rider "I was extremely pleased with the service, the driver actually waited for me a long time at New Street station in Birmingham as my plane from Germany was delayed and all trains from the airport were cancelled! Superb communication, both with the office and the driver, very clean car and well-mannered driver. Recommended!"
TERRY JAMES  on 26-Feb-2015 General Feedback "booked bhx to bartley green taxi on time excelent driver very polite a credit to the company. Thanks a lot"
IFTIKHAR KAZI  on 25-Feb-2015 Verified Customer "It was very easy to book the taxi."
DIDIER NGABO  on 24-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "Thank you so much for your help. I had to change the booking and this was really easy to do. appreciate all your help. "
MISS E R ABBOTT  on 22-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "Excellent service - taxi was on time and the driver was great. would definitely recommend and will be using this company again"
TERRY BRENNAN  on 07-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "good service many thanks "
CHRIS HOLLAND  on 03-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "I cancelled these journeys 2 weeks ago through Plaza - If youhave taken money from my account then please refund it immediately"
KAREN COTTRELLL  on 02-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "Excellent service, the driver was very friendly. Will definitely use your service again. Thank you"
HELEN SMYTHE  on 27-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "No complaints-very professional and would happily use again"
SHAUN HILLERBY  on 12-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "as it should be, very efficient"
CHRIS HOLLAND  on 04-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "This was for the wrong date - I phoned Friday evening and Saturday lunchtime to rearrange for Mon 2nd February"
EMMA  on 19-Dec-2014 Verified Customer "East website to use booking confirmed - just need hope they turn up or we will be stuck in Birmingham "
GAIL MOORE  on 16-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "I must congratulate you on an excellent service. The online booking was efficient. .,the service was prompt, the vehicle very clean and comfortable and the driver most courteous. I would certainly use your company again and have no hesitation in recommending you to other people."
JULIE ROBERTS  on 08-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "Great"
CAROLE SMYTHE  on 30-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "The driver charged me £15 but I thought I had paid £19 online? Please confirm you have credited my account by £19. Carole Smythe"
LYNNE DOWNS  on 15-Nov-2014 Verified Customer "I have used your service previously and have been very pleased with it"
SANDIE KOPOTSHA  on 09-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "The driver wasvery very late - This is unacceptable "
CHARLOTTE FELDHOFF  on 14-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service"
CHARLOTTE FELDHOFF  on 14-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service"
DECLAN MURPHY  on 07-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Would struggle to use this service again as the car was 50 minutes late on pick up!"
ELODIE CARRIERE  on 02-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "brilliant job!"
TIM TREADWELL  on 21-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "excellent service, would highly recommend"
FABIA CIPOLAT  on 10-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "I was very impressed with the service and would definitely use again."
MARIA JOSE HOTZEL  on 09-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Taxi arrived 4.06 instead of 4, all the rest was 10/10, taxi driver a nice gentleman."
STYLIANOS HIMONAS  on 31-Aug-2014 Verified Customer "Very good."
MARIA JOAO SANTOS DE ALMEIDA  on 27-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "on time and excellent driver"
KELLY REID  on 19-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "First class service , easy to book online Driver was bang on time "
LANDELL  on 15-Aug-2014 Verified Customer "very quick and easy."
DANIEL RANSOME  on 07-Aug-2014 Verified Customer "Easy to use, thanks. Gives us peace of mind."
SHAHRUL JEFFRI IBRAHIM  on 04-Aug-2014 Verified Customer "ease of use"
JON LEIGH  on 02-Aug-2014 Verified Customer "It wasn't obvious that I had to register before I could place a booking. "
LANCE GREENFIELD  on 28-Jul-2014 Verified Customer "The ease of making our transfer booking was amazing ... 2 or 3 minutes, and done. Quick, painless, and couldn't have made our flight in Birmingham from Gloucester without your assistance! Thanks"
GARETH DAVIES  on 26-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent driver."
HéLèNE PEDRONO  on 12-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "I haven't been informed by mail for the precise place where the taxi was supposed to pick us but apart from that it was very good ! Thanks !"
CHRISTOPHE MIRE  on 09-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "15 min late then fuel "
JENNIFER WEAVER  on 22-May-2014 Verified Customer "Though it was a high price the ease of the use of the site is so nice, I would use it again. "
DAVID NUTBROWN  on 20-May-2014 Verified Rider "Driver was on time even though the office gave him the wrong address but correct post code. Pick up from T5 he was on time and called to locate me. Car could do with removal of smoke aroma, but would use again."
PRAVEEN K GUPTA  on 10-May-2014 Verified Rider "Great Journey to London. I would use services again, also will refer to my team to leverage great services for travel."
PETER NYE  on 07-Apr-2014 Verified Rider "I moved the time of the booking at short notice, which was handled well. But I was unable to find the driver at the promised place and had to call twice to find out where he was. Then I was surprised that he did not know where to take me, since I had specified this clearly in the booking."
KAI YU  on 07-Apr-2014 Verified Rider "nice journey,nice driver;also much cheaper price than normal"
MARGUERITE POWLEY  on 18-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "fantastic service, would definitely use again. "
EMMA JANE DEVINE  on 03-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "Very efficient service. I would definitely use this company again. "
LAURA RAE  on 22-Feb-2014 Verified Customer "Quick and simple! Perfect "
MRS PATRICIA I A STEER  on 21-Feb-2014 Verified Rider "first time for us no trouble the call before pick up etc nice and helps cheers i will use again if needed great cheers"
CHRISTINE KING  on 20-Feb-2014 Verified Customer "Cheaper than other taxi companies I contacted direct and with good recommendations from other customers"
MRS J COCKBLL  on 31-Jan-2014 General Feedback "You let me down, you sent email to say booking accepted, but you did not send one to confirm that you could not take the booking. If I had not made a phone call, I would have been stranded. You should send email to say the booking has not been taken. I will not be using you again."
C.NEWMAN  on 30-Jan-2014 Verified Customer "Website easy to use, competitive prices and quick confirmation "
STEVEN COWIN  on 30-Jan-2014 Verified Rider "The Driver was 30 mins late. Everything else was fine but the wait was very annoying."
ALFINO IVAN  on 14-Jan-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent"
ALFINO IVAN  on 13-Jan-2014 Verified Rider "Very good service!"
HARRY M GASPER  on 02-Jan-2014 Verified Customer "Very easy to book and an extremely competitive price"
HEATHER HALL  on 30-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "Christmas Day taxi on time clean vehicle, pleasant driver and very reasonable too absolutely brilliant, i will use every time i need a cab"
CLIENT  on 23-Dec-2013 General Feedback "Rubbish. Doesn't take credit cards as promised on web site"
LYNNE JONES  on 22-Dec-2013 General Feedback "Booked stating 1 car available. Money taken no confirmation received. After 1 week still no confirmation I rang several times was told to ring back, although people I spoke aware of the online booking! Received email cancelling my booking! No explanation given! Going on line after cancellation system states vehicles available! First experience of using would never use again. Total misrepresentation!"
ELIZABETH MANISON  on 18-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "Driver early both time and very helpful and polite. Drove well and consistently and we had a very good trip and would book you again."
FAISAL ALKHAZRAJI  on 05-Dec-2013 Verified Customer "THE FEEDBACK should be after I receive the service"
SUNDERJI JEYABALAN  on 05-Dec-2013 Verified Customer "Very good and quick booking service (In a blink of an eye)"
GUIDO PACE  on 03-Dec-2013 Verified Customer "Very easy to book."
GREG GIBBONS  on 30-Nov-2013 Verified Customer " After a couple of hours I still waiting for the booking confirmation email "
GREG GIBBONS  on 30-Nov-2013 Verified Customer " A couple of hours after making the booking I have still not recieved a confirmation "
LYNNE DOWNS  on 24-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "I was very pleased with the service and the driver was very friendly and helpful and I will be using your service again next year when I visit Birmingham"
DARAN MURRAY  on 22-Nov-2013 Verified Customer "Easy booking , hope it turns up on time !"
MRS HEIDI LAWLOR  on 11-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "Driver 1 hour late. no contact. Had to phone twice to chase up and not even an apology when he did arrive. Driver just said to 'call the office'. I would like my £93 pounds back but I guess there will be no offer to pay. Really disappointed and will not be using this service again. It was a really bad part of our trip to the UK. Nil point!! "
TOM MURPHY  on 04-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "Very happy. Thank you"
HANDI SALIM  on 28-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "friendly driver one safety issue during the journey; fortunately did not hit anything / cause accident"
DAVID AND RACHEL BAKER  on 21-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "Quick and friendly and very efficient service. The car could have been a bit more comfortable as it was a bit cramped for such a long trip but overall very impressed and we would definitely use you again. Thank you"
RUHULAMIN SHAIKH  on 08-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "I have to wait for 30+ min & 3 calls to customer care number for the taxi to arrive. But the driver Maqsood was very polite. Overall Nice experience. "
SHARON O'NEILL  on 08-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "I was disappointed the 12 seater car ordered turned out to be a huge coach - not what I ordered or expected. Booking was easy quick and efficient shame the car was embarrasing."
JUDE  on 01-Oct-2013 General Feedback "poor phone reception. The person who picked up the phone was rude "
ELISE  on 26-Sep-2013 Verified Customer "How can I get a confirmation that the cab will come? Please call me 1 703 350 6939 My Taxicode reference which is TC350BECAA."
DIANA MACDONALD  on 25-Sep-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent service received, bus was waiting for us on arrival albeit at a different stand that first advised but that was not a problem. Driver was a bit unsure of where the end destination was but did get us there safely and without any detour. Return journey was equally as good with the driver waiting for us at our location and got us back to the airport with plenty time and no hassle. Bus was clean and comfortable. Thank you for your service. "
BELOBORODOVA EKATERINA  on 10-Sep-2013 Verified Rider "Good service"
ANDREW EVANS  on 09-Sep-2013 Verified Rider "Comfortable ride, easy to use website. Driver a couple of minutes late, but this only mattered because it was unseasonably cold!"
MRS MARY HOOPER  on 18-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent, happy, helpful service. We were on a night out that involved carrying picnic baskets, chairs, etc. and the staff couldn't have been more helpful. Thinking about using the service for my daughter's wedding for guests.Thanks to staff who added to our entertaining night out!"
JEANNIE EDWARDS  on 02-Jul-2013 Verified Rider "The system didn't allow the driver to know where to take me, but at all times, the driver was excellent, and didn't abandon me, even when the control room couldn't help him. He also took me back to the station in the afternoon, and he was on time. A very nice man."
DAVID CHICK  on 08-Jun-2013 Verified Rider "Abysmal - a full half hour late (meaning I was very close to missing my flight) and couldn't find my place despite having an address and postcode (and two day's notice!). Didn't contact me to inform me of the problem until I called him. Utter shambles - will never use this service again and will warn others against it."
AJ  on 07-Jun-2013 General Feedback "these guys are total cowboys dont trust them!!"
MICHAEL  on 06-Jun-2013 Verified Customer "Very handy and easy to use system. Makes booking a taxi so much less stressfu.l"
FAISAL ALKHAZRAJI  on 05-Apr-2013 Verified Customer "poor website and procedures"
LUKAS  on 26-Mar-2013 General Feedback "Please as soon as posible"
MRS DEBORAH WHITBY  on 24-Mar-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent service thank you. Despite the snow, we arrived at the airport in plenty of time for our flight. Our driver was really friendly"
VLAD  on 10-Feb-2013 Verified Customer "Really easy to use and really good prices! recommended ! Now I only hope the taxi is on time :D"
GILLIAN MURPHY  on 20-Jan-2013 Verified Rider "Great Reliable service, would highly recommend"
IAIN MCKINNON  on 17-Dec-2012 Verified Customer "Good website and looking forward to good service!"
KERYS MARIE  on 12-Dec-2012 General Feedback "Great service! We were picked up 20 minutes earlier than planned & it only took 5 minutes to dispatch a car. - The driver was really friendly too. My only whine is the driver didn't know where the NEC Birmingham was which worried us slightly & ended in me having to surf the net in search of an address for him!"
DANIEL WALSH  on 09-Dec-2012 Verified Rider "Taxi 30 mins late, car sounded like it was about to fall apart and driver was all over the place. not good."
CHRIS  on 04-Dec-2012 General Feedback "Just tried to book a multi drop trip from b'ham to hereford and was hung up on twice. Very disappointed."
CHRIS QUICK  on 26-Nov-2012 Verified Rider "great efficient service, very polite , pleasant and safe driver. excellent clean vehicle . "
SARAH SIMONDS  on 17-Nov-2012 General Feedback "A lovely guy,waiting ten mins after time coz we lost few of our party.great value cheapest in the area.thxs so much from the polesworth group.x"
NABIL JABER  on 15-Oct-2012 Verified Rider "Fantastic service, easy booking, taxi was on time, driver polite, definitely use again"
STEFANIA DOTTI  on 29-Sep-2012 Verified Rider "Perfect service, and also one of the cheapest found online. I do recommend this service. "
FIONA SHEA  on 19-Sep-2012 Verified Rider "I thought the on line request form was very efficient, they replied quickly and was happy with the whole service."
CHRISTINE MORRIS  on 03-Sep-2012 Verified Rider "Cannot complement this firm more highly, even after the post code we gave them couldn't take them directly to the hotel we were staying at, the driver stayed on the street until we phoned the firm as he number we had given didn't work and told us where the taxi was. It was excellent service we received and to do that at 5:30 in the morning was above and beyond - i would highly recommend this company."
STEVE SHARP  on 13-Aug-2012 Verified Rider "Thanks for the excellent service provided, your driver was a gentleman."
AUREL JANSCAK  on 07-Aug-2012 Verified Rider "Oll OK. Thanks"
BERNARD SIMKINS  on 02-Aug-2012 Verified Rider "I have only given 3 star overalll because there wAS NO SECOND EMAIL TO CONFIRM BOOKING AND WHEN i TELEPHONED THE NUMBER ON THE SITE THE person on the other end knew nothing about the site or my booking. Only when I emailed to query what was happening did I get a confirmation of the booking. The service on the day was excellent but the booking experience was very poor for me"
COLIN MOLLET  on 02-Jul-2012 Verified Customer "I the pickup is as good as the booking system I will have no problem recommending this service Best regards "
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